Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Dog Days are Here

I can't believe the number of blogs starting to pop up all over the place recently, including several by friends of mine. Everyone seems to have one now! But that's okay because it keeps me motivated to update mine.
You know what else I can't believe?
There are only 11 days left of summer. Eleven. The last time I checked, I had three and a half months to spend lazing around the pool, taking long walks and finishing a novel or two. While I did spend a sufficient amount of time by the pool and even managed to fit in a few walks, that stubborn novel is not finished. Not even close. I even set a deadline but you know, those don't really seem to work. They just kind of skid by while waving as they round the corner and disappear. Lovely things, aren't they?
However, I can't say this summer has been a complete bust. I've got to do a lot of cool things including going to BookExpoAmerica, vacation in the Adirondacks for not one, not two, but THREE weeks (I'm a lucky gal!), and going to a huge family wedding just last weekend. I really am quite happy with the life I have.
In other news, I just purchased my first set of pots and pans which is also very exciting. I also now own my own cookie sheet, chef knife, and cheese grater, among other household items. Guys, I think this means I'm growing up.
No, really.
I move into my very first apartment in ten days which is just absolutely crazy. Just the other day, I was graduating from crib to a big kid bed (just kidding, I don't remember that at all). But seriously, I can't believe how fast time is flying by. For example, today I realized that I've known my oldest best friend for fourteen years. That's like, a really long time.
So what else is so thrilling that I must give you all a blogpost on this fine Tuesday night?

Shark Week is this week! Just this very minute I am watching a special called, "How JAWS Changed the World". Maybe I'm crazy but I find sharks fascinating. You know, as long as I'm far, far away from the real ones.

On Friday, I'm going to Monmouth Race Track (horse-racing). It's super cheap, lots of fun and something different that the whole family can find interesting. Plus, there is the added bonus of gambling! Even though I don't ride horses anymore, I deeply respect these animals and Thoroughbred racing has always been on of my favorite horse sports to watch.

And finally (and perhaps most exciting), Taylor Swift released her new single last night, called "We're Never Ever Getting Back Together". It's very fun, very poppy and not very country but I really love it. Even if you're not a Taylor and/or Country fan, give it a listen. You never know; you might like it!


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  1. I've nominated you for the sunshine award!