Monday, July 30, 2012

Gold, Silver, Bronze and Everyone Else

Unless you've literally been living under a rock for the past four days, you can't help but notice that the 2012 Summer Olympics are happening in London, England. Like a large population right now, I'm all but glued to the TV for a couple hours each night. I've always been an athletic person; growing up I played soccer, basketball, volleyball, danced and rode horses. At one point, I did all that at once. And yet, I cannot imagine my body being capable of doing any of what I've seen on the TV. These athletes work for years, hours each day for a chance to compete against fellow world champions.
My personal favorites to watch are the gymnastics (men and women's alike):

I'm also a sucker for the Equestrian Games which are rarely televised but really interesting to watch and fun to watch. Most olympic events are in control of the athlete's mind and body but in the equestrian events, the athletes are working with thousand pound animals underneath them. 

As fun as watching and following the Olympics is, it can also be a bit disconcerting for some. Most of us are not at the top of our physical game. We don't work out every day or even every week. We don't make healthy choices every chance we get. But we are not Olympic athletes. We are not fighting for a shiny gold medal and the honor of our country.
And that's okay.
Everyone fights for something. Perhaps it is their love of music or words or art. Maybe they love to solve math equations or peer into microscopes. Or maybe your fight doesn't have to do with yourself. Millions fight to put dinner on the table for their family every night; to buy new shoes and clothes for their young children. Fireman and police officers and the great men and women in the military who fight every day to save lives.
The point is: every fight is a noble one. Even the ones that aren't televised. 

~M.T. Rossi

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