Saturday, February 25, 2012

Rules are Made to Be Broken

Low and behold, this blog will be about writing. I know, I know, two blogs about writing/books in a row? But remember, that this blog was created to be about writing in the first place. Then it turned on a crazy tilt and became about everything to do For two reasons really. One because I'm not exactly sure how reading about me writing is interesting. All the random stuff that happens in my life and in my head seems a lot more interesting than talking about character development and plot lines. Add on the fact that the only thing I know better than anything else in the world is myself so why not write about it (even though I don't deem myself interesting in the least). And two is that for the longest time (as in my whole life up until last year) my writing has been the most private thing about me. Which isn't a bad thing but it's not necessarily a good thing either because now I have this whole anxiety thing going on whenever anyone besides my best friend and mom get their hands on a piece of my work. Seriously, you do not want to see how stressed I get when an email goes out or I see my precious pieces of paper shoved into someone's bag...but that's another story.
Since practically forever, I've had trouble falling asleep. Once I'm out, it's a different ballgame, nothing can wake me. But beforehand...let's just say I've tried many many tricks to fall asleep. One I've found works particularly well is thinking about writing after the lights are out. Don't get me wrong, this can backfire and cause a sleepless night, but more often than not, it turns up interesting ideas and is enough to trick my brain into thinking it's tired. So the other night, I was naturally thinking about writing and my mind landed on the aspect of different genres. My two major WIP's right now are as different as cheerios and waffles. One is this odd combination piece of fantasy/paranormal/historical fiction and the other is strictly realistic fiction. Fantasy and paranormal - they are my safe haven. I love to write them and have never had a problem with ideas or writer's block or figuring out characters or anything at all. On the other hand, realistic fiction seems to be something of a conundrum to me. I cannot for the life of me figure it out. I know what you're thinking - then why are you writing a realistic fiction novel?
The answer to that is a long story that I will not/cannot tell you at this here time and place but mostly boils down to: 1. It was kind of an accident how it all began and 2. It's being co-authored so at least half of it won't be screwed up horribly (her part, not mine). Basically the whole thing is going to need many hours worth of editing to make it any degree of decent.
Why do I seem to have a stronger affinity for one than the other? I believe it has to do with rules. Never have I been to obey the rules, like, ever. How can I put it to you? If I was aware of a rule, I made sure to break it, even if the transgression was slight. And I'm not talking the law; don't mistake the two. Rules. That clearly translates to my writing. Don't you see how?
With fantasy/paranormal, you can make your own rules. It doesn't matter if your main character can't get to point A to point B because you can give them wings. Literally. You don't have to worry about the logistics of real life and I love it. As someone who views real life as rather plain, I relish in the fact I can make things up in my writing. Better yet I don't get in trouble for it. Let me give you an example.
In my head:
I love Taylor Swift.
I will always love Taylor Swift.
Whoever hates on Taylor Swift to me will no longer be allowed to eat chocolate or go to the movies.

See how easy that rule was to make up? In real life, the worst thing I can do is unfriend the Taylor Swift offender on Facebook.

My point is that these are two very different genres and each has their own set of limitations and rules within. I take nothing away from each of them. I know fantastic realistic fiction authors who have made me laugh, cry, want to marry a fictional character. But for me, writing has always been easier and more enjoyable when I can make my own rules. 
Then again, everything in life is easier when the only person you have to answer to is yourself ;)

~ M. T. Rossi

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