Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mastering the Art of Juggling

It's been over three weeks since I've lost blogged. I have no excuse. None at all.
Well, actually, I have plenty of excuses, I am a teenage student after all, but none of them good enough to spew out to random readers. Somehow I don't think my dog ate my laptop flies anymore.
On the bright side, my dog did not eat my laptop. I have just been incredibly busy now that school has started up again. These last ten days back here have been one whirlwind after the other, no joke. Dealing with people-in-my-life drama, school, family and other things has already stretched me pretty thing and Week 2 isn't even over yet! I keep telling myself that it's only 16 more weeks until Summer Break, just 16 and then I will be free, free, FREE!
That sounds awful, doesn't it? It's January and I'm already counting down until summer. It's not that I'm a bad student, I'm not. It's more of the fact that at this moment in my life I have no idea what I want. I have dreams - these colossal things that eat away at all the day dreaming space in my brain - but I have no solid plan. I understand I don't necessarily need one, that it would even be a bad idea to tie myself down with overambitousness. But here's the thing.
Most of you know that I write. And if you don't, then let me tell you.
I write. A lot. As in pretty much all the time. I write during classes, sometimes during lunch, definitely in the middle of the night when I can't fall asleep. No, I'm not crazy. I've just got these feisty little things called ideas in my head that might cause me to spontaneously combust if I don't let them out.
Okay, maybe I'm a little bit crazy.
My point is this: trying to be a (decent) student and write at the same time is hard! Trying to do anything while trying to write is hard.
I'm sure other writers feel the same way. There's always just one more thing that needs to be done, just one little errand or chore or ridiculous set of Philosophy Logic homework problems to solve. My first whole month at school, I was trying to finish up a writing project and seemed to neglect my studies. Then, the rest of the semester, I chose to focus more on school (Ha! Yeah, well can pretend I did) but remember those ideas? The tried to poison me.
While I did come back to second semester with the same idea (school over writing), I'm afraid it isn't quite working out like that. I have two major WIP's going on and I'm afraid that if I don't get them written out now, I never will. So where does that leave me with my schoolwork?
It-gets-done-but-not-in-an-orderly-or-timely-way. That's where.
But I've decided recently (as in the last week) that I will no longer let one or the other dominate. I am a capable young woman - or so I like to think - and there is no reason why I can't take on two things at once. Yes there are deadlines for school, quizzes to study for, textbooks to read but that doesn't mean I need to neglect my love to write. I think the solution is being able to manage your time. What works for me is telling myself I will do a couple hours of schoolwork and then reward myself with an hour or certain number of words on the writing end. Telling myself that there is no need to write during class if I wake up an hour earlier and write then. Or that it probably isn't necessary to keep on top of every single TV show I like to watch (I say this as Dance Moms is open in another tab).
When it comes to apples and oranges and flaming swords, I am a truly terrible juggler. I'm apt to poke someone's eye out. Which is why I usually don't attempt it.
However, when it comes to textbooks and dialogue, late night classes and character development, I have a feeling practice makes perfect.
But for now I think I'll keep my distance from the flaming objects.

~M. T. Rossi

Sunday, January 1, 2012

My Year in Photos

Well we made it to 2012. Sometimes over the course of this last year I had my doubts that 2011 was actually going to end but I suppose that was just a reminder that time doesn't really speed up or slow down at all. It just plods along at the same pace it always has, ushering in the good and saying goodbye to all the hard times. I've been thinking over the past few days about what I wanted to include in this blogpost because 2011 was a difficult year for me and for probably the first time in my life, I wasn't sad to see the year end. Me, the Queen of NonChange, who usually clings as tightly to the past as possible was more than happy to say farewell to this year. At first, looking back, not much exciting seemed to have happened to me but I think now, what I realized is my decisions and mistakes were over shadowing those happy details. So instead of highlighting my mistakes, I want to focus on the good and so I have chosen to do this blog post in pictures. Of the good times. Not all of them were easy to get through at the time but they were definitely worth it. And of course, they all helped to add up to who I am.

In February, I made the executive decision and picked THIS school as my home for the next four years. Still waiting to see how that decision will play out in the long run.

In March, my wonderful mother made my dream come true by taking me out of school to see the NYC Teen Author Festival where I got to meet one of my favorite authors EVER, the fantastic Libba Bray.

I graduated high school. This sounds like it should be a really big deal but looking back, it's not. For me, it was just expected and I worked for it and then it happened. Maybe, in the future, I'll feel differently but for right now it is what it is.

A lot actually happened over the summer.

I went to a Taylor Swift concert (which is kinda a really big, huge deal):
Finished my first-ever manuscript (even though it's awful, it was still a huge milestone for me):
(not my picture - credit to WriteANovelManuscript)

Said goodbye to way too many people including my friends from school:

And also to my amazing co-workers who hands-down changed my life as only fellow bagel makers could:

Then in August, summer was over and I went to school:
Where I met my crazy yet awesome best friend:

And finished my second manuscript (which was still not good but substantially less awful than the first attempt):

I also ran my first race and saw Adam Pascal on Broadway IN THE SAME WEEK.

And of course would have been absolutely lost throughout this whole time without my best friend but more aptly named, partner-in-crime, by my side.

There you have it. My year in pictures. Of course a lot more has happened but I think I did a pretty okay sum up, all things considered. This past year taught me how to dream big and wild and to never give up on those dreams. I am determined to make 2012 my year and I wish nothing but the best for you in all your hopes and dreams as well.

~M. T. Rossi