Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Student, Writer, Dreamer

Hey everyone!

I'm M.T. Rossi, just your average teenage girl who eats way too much chocolate and spends way too much time dreaming about the future instead of doing her homework. College kid that I am, I'm supposed to put lots and lots of effort into my schoolwork. Unfortunately, I'm not really the kind of girl that does what she's supposed to all the time. But I do try my hardest to split my time (not always equally) between writing and doing homework which is much harder than I expected it to be. Who would of thought that all your good ideas come to you during biology class?
I'm quiet around strangers but I've got strong opinions and boy you don't want to see me get loud. I believe in peace, equality, honesty and that everyone should have pizza once a week. Friends, family and words are my world and I'm trying to learn as much as possible about the editing and publishing world as possible because someday, I want to work in it....I think (can you tell I have commitment issues?). I've got big, big plans for the future and nobody is going to get in my way, so if that's what you're here to do, go away.
I'm a dreamer and I'm here to seize opportunity and change the world.
Okay, maybe not but it's a nice thought, right?

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