Friday, October 14, 2011

Forever a Fangirl

It hasn't been that long since I was a young teenager, riddled with insecurites and held up with fervent obsessions. For those who don't know, my biggest obsession was/is the musical Rent, more namely, one of the original cast members, Mr. Adam Pascal. I put the slashy mark in between the two because I'm not sure if that obsession has truly ended or if it's just chosen to relax a bit and now sits in the back of my mind, collecting dust until there comes a moment when it's leaps up and shouts, "I'm here!!"
One of those moments happened yesterday when a friend put a link on my facebook wall leading to a recent interview with none other than Mr. Pascal. I screamed a bit. I swooned a lot. I scared my roommate by jumping out of my chair and slamming the door shut so no one else could hear the video.
Mr. Pascal just happens to be a very sexy talented actor who's appeared in several Broadway shows. He has a great body voice that I have always been drawn to. In the very epicenter of my severe fangirl disease, I saw him three or four different times in the span of two years. At one point, I was pretty confident I knew everything about him, had seen the majority of his youtube videos and heard all his songs. Scary, I know. At least wasn't under the delusion I would marry him someday (that right is reserved for a Mr. Taylor Lautner). To say the least, I was passionate. To say the most....I was on my way to stalker level.
Yesterday, when this new interview appeared on my wall, my mind did a little flip back in turn and I was thirteen again. Yes, I hung on to every word he said. Yes, I catalogued all the little details of the interview (those shoes were awesome). And, er, yes, I did happen to notice how beautiful those long eyelashes of his are. But that's not the point.
It's been over three years since I last saw him in concert and I'm very hopeful I'll see him in Memphis, a musical I know nothing about and hadn't a thought of seeing until I heard of his late October arrival to the scene. If it ever happens, I'll let you all know how it goes.
But for now, I'll have to revert back to my pre-teen mode when I'm in need of a hardcore fangirl fix. That or one of the several dvds that always satisfy a Pascalian craving.
Don't worry though, if you hear some high pitched screaming or giggles or possibly sobbing, just keep on walking by my door. Everything is fine.

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